ADS & VSAE Webinar | A-Z in Data Science: Blockchain

Amsterdam Data Science (ADS) is hosting a new webinar series in collaboration with the Study Associations from the UvA and VU to explore the A-Z in Data Science.

In this webinar we will be exploring Blockchain, a system that can be used to record data. The special thing about blockchain is that it is possible to do without central authority, which makes falsification of the recorded data very difficult. The best known implementation of blockchain is Bitcoin, but Blockchain is used more widely in other applications other than transactions.


12:00 Introduction & Welcome
12:05 Talk #1: Blockchain with a Purpose
12:20 Q&A
12:30 Talk #: Current trends in Blockchain research
12:50 Q&A
13:00 End!


Jeanne Kroeger & Koen Vleugels (Q&A)

Talk #1 by Julian Wraith

With 22-years of customer facing engagements, Julian joined Amazon Web Services (AWS) over 4-years ago. Working across several verticals, Julian works with AWS customers and helps them get the maximum value from AWS, allowing them to lower costs, become more agile, and innovate faster. Julian is active in the areas of Retail, Manufacturing, Healthcare and Life Sciences, Blockchain, IoT, Machine Learning & AI and Data Analytics.

In his presentation Julian will explore which cases are most suitable for blockchain and ledger applications, and which might be better off with a different type of database. Julian will explain how AWS customers like Nestlé, BMW, Sage and Splunk have successfully applied blockchain technology for track-and-trace, letter of credits and system-of-record.

Talk #2 by Éva Kalmár

Eva Kalmar currently works in the Communication Design for Innovation group at TU Delft as a Science Communication lecturer and researcher, performing design-based research on scientific collaborations. Eva is investigating collaborations between scientists, business partners and government in the context of technology development and scientific innovations. One of these investigated innovations is Blockchain.

Blockchain technology is already applied in several fields; it is widely accepted and used, but organizations are busy innovating to be able to use Blockchain in their services. Why would someone use Blockchain? What are the current research projects focusing on this technology? This presentation will give you a short overview on the different perspectives of how people see this technology and summarize the questions currently researched or should be researched regarding Blockchain.

Zoom details to follow soon.