Science Park 904, Amsterdam, Netherlands

ADS Drinks & Pizza Summer Startup

Date: Friday 23 June

Time: 17:00-19:00

Location: C Hall, Ground Floor, Entrance Area, UvA, Amsterdam Science Park 904


On Friday 23 June, Amsterdam Data Science will organise an event focussed on the Data Science Startup Ecosystem in Amsterdam. The event will be an opportunity for Start-ups to pitch to the Amsterdam Data Science Meet-up (Academic and Industry) & University Student Communities (BSc, Master, PhD).

Who is the event for? 

Are you a Startup looking for input or feedback? Are you looking to make contact with academics or industry, or interested in attracting students for internships? Are you a researcher interested in your own startup or are you a student looking for an internship? If you answered yes to any of the above, please join us on 23 June!


17:00-17:05: Intro & Chair by Maarten de Rijke, Professor in Information Retrieval, Informatics Institute (UvA)

17:05-18:25: Pitches from Data Science Startups 2 minutes plus 1 minute questions, 1 slide max (or no slide if you prefer)

1. Flavourspace, presented by Vladimir Nedovic

Applying machine learning in food recipes

2. BrainCreators, presented by Maarten Stol

Applying AI & machine learning to business challenges

3. I Hate Statistics, presented by Pim Bellinga

Making data and statistics more accessible to all

4. Owlin, presented by Willem Westra

Turning news into actionable intelligence

5. Aiir Innovations, presented by Bart Vredebregt

Automated detection of damages in material

6. ENPICOM, presented by Alvise Trevisan

Empowering life scientists with innovative data analysis software

7. Maxwell, presented by Asbjorn Jorgensen

Developing tools and services for Messenger bots

8. Delph, presented by Mark Verhagen

Turning Data into Value

9. MyReputationLab, presented by Isabelle Chabry

Helping you measure your online influence

10. Milestone, presented by Johan Biesjot

Managing market place lending investments

11. Pacmed, presented by Willem Herter

Combining machine learning with medical expertise

12. Eccentrade, presented by Cyril Peillon

Innovative player in the world of business information

13. Crunchr, presented by Sjoerd van Bekhoven

People analytics made easy

14. SEP, presented by Jasper Kol

Making your home self-sufficient

15. Door2doc, presented by Remco Rosmulder

Realtime information for acute care settings

16. Connecterra, presented by Sicco Pier van Gosliga

Enabling the industrial internet of things

17. Speaksee, presented by Jari Hazelebach

18. ViriCiti, presented by Erwin Poeze

Monitoring Electric Buses and Trucks

19. 904Labs, presented by Manos Tsagkias

Self-learning onsite search

18:25-18:30: Wrap-up & general questions

18:30-19:00: Networking over pizza & drinks (demos and chat with the Startups further)


More detailed info on the Startups that will pitch:

1. Flavourspace:

What does your Startup do? Applies state-of-the-art data science/machine learning technologies to analyze digital food recipes and replicate human sense of taste in an artificially-intelligent sous-chef.

Your size: 3; When you started: 2012

2. BrainCreators:

What does your Startup do? We help companies leverage AI technology through education, consultancy and research.

Your size: 15; When you started: 2016

3. I Hate Statistics:

What does your Startup do? Specifically those who feel they hate it. We do so online, supporting teacher’s statistics and research courses in universities and schools, by providing online exercises, brief lessons, and by predicting the likelihood that students master concepts.

Your size: 6; When you started: 2014

4. Owlin:

What does your Startup do? Owlin’s algorithms scan over 2.5 million news sources across the world 24 hours a day in different languages. Bas van Ooyen, one of Owlin’s co-founders, has developed – in collaboration with Stanford University – the largest statistical machine translation set in the world. This Owlin proprietary technology allows near real time translation of articles of various languages into English.

Your size: 18; When you started: 2012

5. Aiir

What does your Startup do? Aiir Innovations increases the efficiency and effectiveness of visual inspections with software that automatically detects damages in material. Visual inspections are necessary to ensure proper functionality of all kinds of mechanical structures and material. Aiir has created a product that increases the quality of (industrial) inspections, while reducing the time it takes to perform them.

Your size: 6; When you started: 2015


What does your Startup do? We are building a unique platform to aid the development and monitoring of immunotherapies against cancer and other immune-related diseases, via the analysis of high-throughput DNA data.

Your size: 4; When you started: 2015


What does your Startup do?

We offer development tools and services for businesses to create Messenger bots. Based on the chat logs we are able to apply data science for driving recommendations back to our customers and for improving the dialogue between bots & users.

Your size: ; When you started:

8. Delph:

What does your Startup do? Our goal is to improve the quality of decision-making and to provide organizations with new insights. We use mathematical models and algorithms to discover information and we incorporate this data-driven intelligence within organizations.

Your size: 7; When you started: 2016

9. MyReputationLab:

What does your startup do? MyReputationLab puts individuals in the driving seat of their online reputation through authentic human engagement & big data analytics.

Your size: 6; When you started:

10. Milestone:

What does your Startup do? A service provider for professional investors to understand, execute and manage market place lending investments. By aggregating detailed market data, Milestone allows investors to perform comprehensive analysis, build investment strategies and track the performance of their cross-platform portfolio.

Your size: ; When you started:

11. Pacmed:

What does your Startup do? Pacmed combines machine learning with medical expertise, we learn from large volumes of data which treatment works best for whom. Based on the results in practice for similar patients, Pacmed presents, at the moment of decision, the expected outcomes of various treatments for the individual patients.

Your size: ; When you started:

12. Eccentrade:

What does your Startup do? We provide insights that enables companies to validate the financial reliability and now also the sustainability of their current and future business partners. Through transparency we want to contribute to the globalcircular economy.

Your size: 25; When you started: 2014

13. Crunchr:

What does your Startup do? Organisations have a lot of information about the people working with them: what they do, what they’re good at, how much they get paid and quite often how they feel. Unfortunately, all this information is scattered across the organisation, and not directly available. Crunchr collects all this information, makes sure it is correct and then gives it back to the organisation in a very intuitive software application.

Your size: 43; When you started: 2014

14. SEP:

What does your Startup do?

Your size: ; When you started:


15. Door2doc:

What does your Startup do? Door2doc gives patients real-time information about expected waiting times in Hospital Emergency Rooms.

Your size: 7 ; When you started: 2016

16. Connecterra:

What does your Startup do? We are building devices and creating algorithms in the cloud that provide detection and prediction of real-world events that will enable the industrial internet of things.

Your size: ; When you started:



17. Speaksee

What does your Startup do?

Your size:  ; When you started:

18. ViriCiti:

What does your Startup do? We extract realtime data from electric vehicles and use that to improve operational decisions by their owners. Currently we are advancing the energy-consumption estimation by using machine learning.

Your size:  15 ; When you started: 2012

19. 904Labs:

What does your Startup do? We are an Amsterdam-based Artificial Intelligence company offering next-generation search engines to e-commerce sites. We are a no-nonsense company, turning scientifically proven methods for onsite search into efficient, fully-functional, and easy-to-integrate solutions.

Your size: 4 ; When you started: 2015


Please note all our Meet-up events are open to all to attend, just register on our Meet-up page and RSVP to the specific event you would like to attend. 

The event will be in English.