Oudemanhuispoort, Amsterdam, Netherlands

ADS Drinks & Data: 2016 Highlights

In this special Christmas edition, ADS will host a ‘Drinks & Data’ late afternoon event where we will celebrate the 2016 highlights from across the ADS community. Different presentation formats and interactive discussion sessions will be used to celebrate the ADS ecosystem, followed by drinks & snacks.



16:00-16:10: Introduction

– Maarten de Rijke, UvA on Amsterdam Data Science (ADS) in 2016 and Amsterdam School of Data Science

16:10-16:45: 2016 Highlights from the ADS Researchers in key disciplines & applications

(Background/problem & solution/next steps) (2 slides & 4 minutes presentations, 1 minute question time)

– Lora Aroyo, VU on a Digital Humanities Research Highlight from ADS

– Ted Meeds, UvA-VU on an Informatics Research Highlight from ADS

– Alexander Schönhuth, CWI on a Life Sciences Research Highlight from ADS

– Twan Eikelenboom, AUAS on a Cities Research Highlight from ADS

 Frank van Harmelen, VU on a National Collaboration Highlight from ADS

– Marcel Worring, UvA  on a Business Analytics Highlight from ADS


16:45-17:10: Presentations from those we would like to partner with in 2017

(Who we are & what we would like to do with the ADS community) (2 slides & 4 minutes presentations, 1 minute question time)

– Berent Daan, DataLab, Gemeente Amsterdam: On City & Data Science

– Lizzy Jongma, Network of Dutch War Resources: On Culture & Data Science

 Leon Gommans, Air-France KLM: On Trusted Big Data Sharing & Data Science

Natali Helberger, Institute for Information Law, UvA: On Information Law & Data Science

Wouter van Atteveldt, Social Sciences, VU: On Political Communication & Data Science

17:10 – Internationalisation & Wrap-up

– Maarten de Rijke, UvA

17:15 – 18:00: Drinks, snacks & networking


Amsterdam Data Science accelerates data science research by connecting, sharing and showcasing world-class technology, expertise and talent from Amsterdam on a regional, national and international level. Our research enables business and society to better gather, store, analyse and present data in order to gain valuable insights and make informed decisions.


ADS is an initiative of:

  • Informatics Institute (IvI), Universiteit van Amsterdam (UvA)
  • Amsterdam Business School and Amsterdam School of Economics, Faculty of Economics and Business, UvA
  • Computer Science, Vrije Universiteit (VU) Amsterdam
  • Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences
  • Centrum Wiskunde en Informatica (CWI)