VU Amsterdam, De Boelelaan, Amsterdam, Netherlands

ADS Coffee & Data – Urban Analytics

Theme: ADS Coffee & Data: Urban Analytics
Date: Thursday 29 March 2018
Time: 09:30-11:30
Location: VU Main Building, Agora 1
Registration: Amsterdam Data Science Meetup Page

ADS Coffee & Data offers the opportunity for researchers and business to share their knowledge and give insight on a central theme, specifically on the morning of Thursday 29 March this will be on Data Science in the Urban Analytics domain. The event will be an opportunity to gain insight and to address challenges within this research theme. There is also a chance to network with a cup of coffee.

09:30-09:45: Coffee & walk-in

Introduction & Chair: Nanda Piersma
Professor by special appointment in Urban Analytics (AUAS-CWI)

Introduction & Chair:

Nanda PiersmaProfessor by special appointment in Urban Analytics (AUAS, CWI)

09:45-10:10: Speaker 1 (20 minutes plus 5 minutes questions)

Jurjen Helmus, Data Scientist & PhD Candidate (HvA, UvA)

Title: Using Urban Data to Optimize for Charging Infratructure Planning

View Jurjen’s Presentation Here

Abstract: Since the first uptake of electric vehicles, policy makers are questioning how to rollout public charging infrastructure in an efficient manner, such that user convenience balances with costs of investment. In some metropolitan areas, the first phase of rollout has been passed, meaning an optimized deployment of future charging stations for electric vehicles (EVs) becomes important to improve the charging infrastructure and ensure customer satisfaction and sufficient service provision. This research, based on real-world charging data, provides a novel approach for improving the roll-out strategy of municipalities by applying a graph theoretical approach.

Bio: Jurjen Helmus (1980) works at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (HvA). He organizes the minor Data Science (formerly called Big data in Urban Technology). In addition, he is conducting a research research at the University of Amsterdam, where he builds agent based simulation models for charge infrastructure electric vehicles. Jurjen studied Technical Business Studies at the University of Groningen (RuG) and is specialized in the field of Innovation Management. In addition, he completed the Industrial Engineering at the RuG with a specialization in Chemical Engineering.

10:10-10:35: Speaker 2 (20 minutes plus 5 minutes questions)

Stevan Rudinac, Assistant Professor (UvA)

Title: Multimedia Analytics for Urban Computing

View Stevan’s Presentation Here

Abstract: Increased availability of neighborhood-level open data, participatory data and social multimedia opened new possibilities for better understanding and influencing processes in the city. Through the examples of our recent and ongoing work, in this talk we demonstrate that multimedia analytics can be successfully deployed on such heterogeneous data for addressing important societal problems, such as city livability. 

10:35-11:00: Speaker 3 (20 minutes plus 5 minutes questions)

Sonja Georgievska, Research Engineer (eScience Center)

Title: Towards detecting critical concert crowd density with Wi-Fi positioning of smart phones

View Sonja’s Presentation Here

Abstract: Many crowd disasters have happened because of abnormal crowd density. We address the problem of detecting critical crowd density during indoor dance events. We exploit the ubiquity of smart phones and Wi-Fi networks. Amsterdam ArenA is our living laboratory. We propose a new methodology for estimating crowd density, using anonymous non-participatory indoor localization of smart phones. Our methodology is based on multi-lateration and statistical physics. Our main contribution to the fi eld of crowd density estimation is that, with the increase of the crowd size, the precision of the estimation is increasing instead of decreasing. We believe this is crucial for detection of dangerous crowd density.

11:00-11:30 Coffee & Networking

Registration is free but please do so in advance through Meet-up

The event will be in English and is open to all

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