ADS & AMDS Webinar | Different Scenarios for Exit Strategies in COVID-19

Amsterdam Data Science (ADS) and Amsterdam Medical Data Science (AMDS) are co-hosting a new lecture series in collaboration with Elsevier and Google to explore The Power and Weakness of Data Modelling in COVID-19.  

Aims of this series:

  • Showcase the power and limitations of data centred approaches
  • Jointly understand and learn from the different COVID approaches and views
  • Shape the time for Data Science research/education after the lock-down

Lecture 1: Different scenarios for exit strategies in COVID-19

12:00 Welcome & Introduction
12:05 Talk #1: Bert Slagter + Q&A
12:30 Talk #2: Edwin van den Heuvel + Q&A
12:55 Panel discussion
13:15 End!

Marc Salomon (ABS UvA, ADS) and Mark Hoogendoorn (VU, AMDS)

Bert Slagter (founder Procurios)
The COVID-19 pandemic is a complex system with many unknowns and uncertainties. There is data, but is it reliable? And how do we make decisions when data (and evidence) is incomplete or contradictory?

We’ll visit three phases of the pandemic from this perspective:

  1. Estimating required ICU capacity in the early stages of lockdown
  2. Constructing a reliable exit plan
  3. Building a dashboard that minimizes the risk of a second wave

Edwin van den Heuvel (professor in statistics TU Eindhoven)
Title: Predictions and changes in spread of the corona virus in different countries – data-oriented approaches

During the beginning of the COVID-19 crisis in the Netherlands, we started to monitor and predict the number of infections and deaths in the short-term and long-term in several countries. Our analysis are based on the official reported numbers from governmental institutes, knowing that this type of data could be non-representative for the population of a country. Therefore, we used different logistic growth curves and epidemic disease models to obtain a better understanding of the daily information and temporal changes present in the data. Based on our data-oriented approaches we tried to determine as soon as possible when countries reached their turning point in virus spread and we tried to help determine the required hospital intensive care capacity with our predictions. Furthermore, we could identify which governmental measures had an impact on the “effective contact rate” within a country.

Date: Thursday 11 June 2020
Time: 12:00-13:15

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