Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica, Science Park Amsterdam, Amsterdam, Netherlands

ADS Festive Drinks & Data: 2018 Highlights & Looking Forward to 2019

ADS Drinks & Data: 2018 Highlights & Looking Forward to 2019

Amsterdam Data Science (https://amsterdamdatascience.nl) would like to invite you to our Festive Drinks & Data afternoon on Thursday 06 December at 15:00 where we will celebrate our 2018 highlights and share our plans for 2019. After we will have drinks & delicious snacks.

Date: Thursday 06 December 2018

Time: 15:00-18:00

Location: Amsterdam Science Park Congress Center – Turing & Newton Rooms (next to CWI, Amsterdam Science Park 123)

Registration: https://www.meetup.com/Amsterdam-Data-Science/events/255294331/


Coffee & posters from the Amsterdam Academic Alliance (AAA) Data Science projects in the Newton Room

– Peter Bloem (VU)

– Davide Ceolin (CWI)

– Evangelos Kanoulas & Bob van de Velde (UvA)

– Benno Kruit (CWI): Information Extraction from Tables for Knowledge Base Augmentation

– Chantal van Son (VU): The Vaccination Debate: An Exploration of Long Term Concept and Perspective Mining (Serge ter Braake, Chantal van Son, Davide Ceolin, Julia Noordegraaf, Inger Leemans, Piek Vossen, Lora Aroyo, Rens Bod)


Lynda Hardman

Introduction and opening


ADS 2018 Highlights & Looking Forward to 2019

Four minute madness presentations followed by one minute question time on:

Data Science & Artificial Intelligence Highlights and Plans in:

Research, Education, Entrepreneurship & Network Outreach

2018 Highlights:

– Emmanuelle Beauxis-Aussalet (AUAS, CWI) on Classification Errors

– Mark Siebert (Elsevier) on AI Report  

– Marco Virgolin (CWI) on Radiation Treatment in Cancer

– (AUAS) on the Digital Society School

– Nanda Piersma (AUAS, CWI) on the Education Innovation Lab

– Ana Maldonado (Qualogy) on Hackathons and Collaborations

– ACE Startup

Looking forward to 2019:

– Koen Hindriks (VU) on Social Robots

– Julien Rossi (UvA) on Text Analytics for Legal

– Maarten Sukel (UvA, Gemeente Amsterdam) on Classification methods for urban service requests

– Paul Groth – (UvA) on Data Engineering

– Herbert Bos (VU) on the Amsterdam Cyber Security Center

– Esther Smit (UvA) on the Amsterdam Data Exchange


Lynda Hardman

Next Steps for ADS, 2019 & Beyond


Posters & Networking over Festive Drinks & Snacks in the Newton Room

– Peter Bloem (VU)

– Davide Ceolin (CWI)

– Evangelos Kanoulas & Bob van de Velde (UvA)

– Benno Kruit (CWI)

– Chantal van Son (VU)

Registration is free but please RSVP on our Meetup page:


The event will be in English.