Science Park Amsterdam, Amsterdam, Netherlands

ACE in collaboration with ADS & StartupAmsterdam – Innovators Tribe on AI

Innovators Tribe: Bridging knowledge, connecting pioneers.

Want to stay ahead of the game? On 18 May, ACE is kicking off its new initiative “Innovators Tribe” with an event on AI. With this new exciting initiative, ACE is on a mission to share its 10-years worth of experience by curating a network of top-notch academic researchers, startup founders and innovative corporates. By bringing future makers together in a series of events around the latest emerging technologies, we help companies navigate their innovation challenges and sharpen their corporate vision.

While implementing new technologies is essential for large companies to stay relevant, it has become increasingly more difficult to distinguish useful business solutions from techy buzzwords and hype. Scientists and high-tech startups can play a role in the process of identifying and solving business challenges. Additionally, access to leading research and understanding its practical applicability has the transformational power to turn companies into innovative leaders in their respective industries. In collaboration with: StartupAmsterdam & Amsterdam Data Science.

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