Amsterdam Science Park Congress Centre (Euler room)

A/B Testing Workshop

A/B testing is the art of using controlled experiments to guide decision making. A/B testing is applied throughout the tech industry for developing and refining on-line services and products. Deployment of A/B testing at ever increasing scale drives the demand for testing efficiency. In response, the past decade of scientific results has brought forth a modern testing methodology, with state-of-the-art methods that optimize sample size and confidence by exploiting dynamic allocation, optional stopping and available prior knowledge.

On May 25th the Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica will provide an hybrid workshop of active topics in A/B testing, with speakers from industry deploying A/B testing methods, and academics working at the forefront of research. The workshop will highlight the CWI specialties of #algorithm #design and #statistical #testing #methodology, and touch on causality and deployment at scale. The aim is knowledge exchange, and connecting research and industry to explore new collaborations.

The workshop is primarily targeted at executives of companies employing A/B testing, as well as interested #data #scientists and #academics.

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