Seed Projects 2015


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Consistent availability of large clinical datasets through persistent identifiers

Supervisors: Sanne Abeln/Jochem Bijlard (Bioinformatics / IBIVU/ Computer Science / VU) / Christine Staiger (Life Sciences & Health / SURFsara, Amsterdam). Student assistant: Cico Chao Zhang.

CTMM-TraIT is a large public-private partnership developing sustainable infrastructure for biomedical research. Specifically it is aimed at providing technology to store, search and analyse large datasets obtained from clinical research. This approach is also coordinated between TraIT and several other international public-private consortia.
Currently, within TraIT only a solution is provided for the smaller clinical datasets, while for the corresponding large experimental datasets a consistent storage solution is lacking. The VU University, as partner in TraIT, wants to develop a mechanism to publish large scientific datasets through the TraIT infrastructure. Specifically, we want to take care to store this confidential data in a secure and consistent manner and make the non-confidential metadata searchable, so the relocation of the datasets can be ensured even if the physical location of datasets change over time.

We want to apply the persistent identifier (PID) service provided by SURFsara to facilitate data publication and to connect these different storage services to the TraIT infrastructure (such as tranSMART and Galaxy). The PID service provides unique locators for any digital object and will therefore play central role in the mechanism. To make datasets findable, we want to employ the linked data approach and make metadata available through RDF.
Slides seed projects meeting 30-10-2015 Cico Chao Zhang

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Processing and structuring of 3D body scan data

Supervisors: Lisette Vonk (Create-it Applied Sciences / AMFI, HvA), Hein Daanen (Sizing Science). Working on the project: Nico van der Bruggen.

The Amsterdam Fashion Institute owns a 3D whole body scanner, which gives students, teachers and researchers the opportunity to get a 3D copy of someone