Semantic Technologies

Semantic technologies are an important tool in tackling the problem of data heterogeneity

Ontologies provide datamodels for semi-structured data, bridging the gap between fully structured database schemas on the one hand, and unstructured data such as text on the other. Such semi-structured ontological datamodels come with a formal semantics that allows automatic deriviation of new conclusions from the data. Such automatic deduction techniques have proven useful in deiving mappings between different datamodels for the purpose of data-integration.

Deploying these semantic technologies on the world wide web has alllowed the construction of very large knowledge-bases that contain billions of statements on areas as diverse as scientific, medical, encyclopedic and everyday knowledge. These very large knowledge bases (known as Linked Data) have been used in data-integration, in improving the results of search engines, in linguistic analysis and in scientific reasoning.

Contact person for this Focus Area is prof. Frank van Harmelen,

Our researchers

Davide Ceolin

Scientific Staff Member - CWI, Human-Centered Data-Analytics
  • Data quality
  • deep data
  • trust
  • web data

Victor de Boer

Assistant Professor - VU
  • Human-Computer Interaction
  • Knowledge Representation
  • semantic web

Laura Hollink

Scientific Staff Member - CWI
  • Digital Media
  • Linked Data
  • Usage data

Zhisheng Huang

Senior Researcher - VU
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Knowledge Representation
  • semantic web

Annette ten Teije

Supervisory Board - ADS | Associate Professor - VU CS
  • formalisation of medical knowledge
  • Healthcare Information Management
  • Healthcare quality indicators
  • Medical Guidelines

Jacopo Urbani

Assistant Professor - VU CS | Associated Member - CWI, Database Architectures
  • Knowledge Representation
  • Linked Data

Frank van Harmelen

Professor of Knowledge Representation & Reasoning - VU
  • Artificial intelligence
  • information systems
  • Knowledge Representation
  • semantic web

Jacco van Ossenbruggen

Group Leader - CWI, Human-Centered Data-Analytics | Associate Professor - VU CS
  • Information Access
  • Linked Data
  • responsible data science
  • Web Semantics