Machine Learning

How computer programs learn & understand data & make useful predictions  

ADS Machine Learning researchers focus on how computer programs can learn from and understand data, and thus make useful predictions based on this data.

Our research is at the intersection of computer science, computational statistics and artificial intelligence and focuses on the design, implementation and evaluation of algorithms that allow computerised systems to derive complex models from incoming data.


Our researchers

Peter Bloem

Postdoc in Artificial Intelligence - UvA
  • Complex systems
  • Deep learning
  • Graph grammars
  • Knowledge graphs
  • Motif extraction

Peter Grünwald

Professor of Statistical Learning, Machine Learning Group Lead - CWI
  • Deep learning
  • information theory
  • minimum description length
  • statistics

Hinda Haned

Professor by Special Appointment of Data Science - UvA
  • data-driven decision making
  • Intelligent Systems
  • responsible data science

Wouter M. Koolen

Scientific Staff Member, Machine Learning Group - CWI
  • Bandits
  • Deep learning
  • Game Theory
  • Learning Theory

Max Welling

Professor of Machine Learning - UvA | Director - ICAI QUVA | Director - DELTA Lab
  • Big data
  • Deep learning