Business Analytics

Our researchers combine scientific expertise with their understanding of business problems

We have many ongoing projects within Business Analytics with our key researchers collaborating across the two leading research centres in Business Analytics:

and collaborating with local businesses from within the Amsterdam region and beyond.

Our key researchers in this discipline are summarised below:

Our researchers

Sandjai Bhulai

Professor of Business Analytics - VU
  • dynamic pricing
  • human resource analytics
  • Operational Research
  • social media analytics
  • statistics

Hans Borgman

Professor of Information Systems and Digital Business - UvA
  • Digital Innovation
  • IT Governance
  • Technology Adoption

Peter Boswijk

Professor of Financial Econometrics - UvA
  • Econometric Applications of Machine Learning
  • High-Frequency Data
  • Risk Management

Frans Feldberg

Professor of Data-Driven Business Innovation - VU
  • Data-Driven Business Model Innovation
  • decision support systems
  • Digital Innovation

Jonne Guyt

Assistant Professor - UvA ABS
  • Individual level choice models
  • Marketing
  • retailing
  • scanner panel

Sander Klous

Professor in Big Data Analytics - UvA | Partner - KPMG
  • Big data
  • data processing technologies
  • High Performance Distributed Computing

Umut Konus

Associate Professor - UvA ABS
  • Attribution Models
  • Choice Models
  • Customer Journeys
  • Mobile and Online Marketing
  • Omnichannel Marketing

Ger Koole

Professor of Business Analytics - VU
  • Applied Probability
  • Health
  • Stochastic Optimisation

Marijn Plomp

Assistant Professor; Programme Manager - VU
  • Chain digitisation
  • Chain-Computerisation

Edo Roos Lindgreen

Professor of Data Science in Auditing - UvA
  • Auditing
  • information security
  • privacy

Stevan Rudinac

Associate Professor - UvA ABS
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Machine Learning for Business

Marc Salomon

Management Team - ADS | Professor of Decision Sciences - UvA ABS
  • Applied Mathematics
  • Business Economics
  • Operational Research

Willemijn van Dolen

Professor of Marketing - UvA ABS
  • Corporate social responsibility
  • Marketing
  • social media analysis
  • Social services to children

Marcel Worring

Supervisory Board - ADS | Professor of Business Analytics - UvA ABS | Associate Professor - UvA IvI | Director - ICAI Amsterdam | Scientific Director - ICAI AIM
  • Information Visualisation
  • Intelligent Systems
  • Multimedia Analytics