HvA Expertise Centre for Applied Artificial Intelligence

The Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (HvA) expertise centre brings together all Faculties to make AI work for the future.

The HvA Expertise Centre Applied Artificial Intelligence (ECAAI) encompasses all of the HvA’s AI research and education activities. In this centre, we drive the development of applications of AI technology in a responsible and inclusive manner. AI technology and its implications for companies, organisations, governments and people can only be understood in context and through experimentation. To reach meaningful applications, AI technology needs to be complemented with deep understanding of the application domain.

Each faculty of the HvA has created a lab that brings research, education and practices together to solve short and middle term challenges in the application of AI.

  • Centre for Market Insights
    Data driven marketing and AI technology for business. For example, using sentiment analysis of online reviews for company reputation management.
  • Finance Lab
    AI applied in accounting, controlling, finance, financial advice, financial fraud investigation and tax. How can SMEs find their way in the labyrinth of regulations?
  • Legal Tech Lab
    Centre for research on the intersection between technology and legal practice. Students develop among others rule-based systems for decision support.
  • Smart Health/Care Lab
    Health professionals getting used to AI technology in daily life.
  • Responsible AI Lab
    Value-driven design and development of responsible AI in practice that increase human capabilities and benefit society.
  • Predictive Maintenance Lab
    AI and actionable engineering. Algorithms for smart maintenance and continuation of machines, buildings and mobility.
  • Smart Education Lab
    AI in education. For example, using interactive knowledge representations to support learners in acquiring system thinking skills.

Together we educate our students and our staff to give them a solid basis for AI technology. Furthermore, we have strong connections with companies and organisations, and on request we train their employees. We share and implement our acquired knowledge, come up with solutions for their issues and connect them to talented students.

We deliver students for their future workplace.

Want to know more about the ECAAI? Or do you want to collaborate in one of the labs mentioned above? Please contact the ECAAI via the website or send an email to: appliedai@hva.nl

Diversity and Inclusion

The HvA has students and faculties from over 80 countries and 90 nationalities. It has a variety of associations with a focus on gender, religion, culture, spirituality, or disabilities. Furthermore, specific interest groups also advise the Executive Board on diversity.