One entry point for world-class data science and artificial intelligence

Business and society are generating and storing more data than ever before. The most common question across sectors is how to use that data to gain valuable insights and make informed decisions. What can I do with my data? Answering this question requires an interdisciplinary approach involving expertise from different academic backgrounds, sector-specific knowledge and partners from academics, business and society.

ADS provides one entry point for data-related questions from academics, business and society, and pro-actively connects them with expertise in the affiliated institutions. By bringing together partners from a variety of backgrounds, ADS accelerates the interdisciplinary collaboration to bring data science forward.

Participate, Collaborate, Innovate

In line with its role as accelerator of data science research and education, the activities of ADS are structured around a threefold call to action for researchers, educators, and partners from business and society: Participate, Collaborate, Innovate.