We collaborate in a number of labs including:

AMDS connects healthcare professionals and data scientists in the Amsterdam metropolitan area and is funded by AUMC, VU and Amsterdam Economic Board. AMDS frequently organizes meetups, including the Data & Pizza meetings, which enables doctors and data scientists to learn, meet and connect. In addition, AMDS hosts AmsterdamUMCdb, the first freely accessible European intensive care database.

AIRLab is a joint mission of the Innovation Center for Artificial Intelligence (ICAI) and Ahold Delhaize. In this AI for retail lab, seven PhDs conduct research into socially responsible algorithms that can be used to make recommendations to consumers and into transparent AI technology for managing goods flows. The research takes place at Albert Heijn and, both brands of Ahold Delhaize. In addition, AIRLab has a focus on talent development tracks.

Centre for Market Insights is the research centre of the Marketing, Sales & Trade cluster and the Digital Commerce research group of the Faculty of Business and Economics of the AUAS. Within the CMI, research is conducted into the adoption of innovative technologies, their impact on existing business models and the translation of data and big data into actionable insights.

Civic AI Lab is a collaboration between UvA, VU, the City of Amsterdam and the Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations. The lab develops AI technology that increases the prospect of equality of opportunity in the fields of education, welfare, environment, mobility and health.

Cultural AI Lab is a collaboration between the Humanities Cluster of the KNAW, CWI, VU, UvA, TNO, the KB National Library, the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision and Rijksmuseum. Cultural AI is the study, design and development of socio-technological AI systems that are implicitly or explicitly aware of the subtle and subjective complexity of human culture.

DELTA Lab is a joint mission of UvA (Informatics Institute [IvI]) and Bosch. The DELTA Lab (Deep Learning Technologies Amsterdam) aims to perform world-class research in the fundamentals of deep learning, with applications to automotive and computer vision. Researchers at UvA collaborate with researchers at Bosch through an exchange programme.

The Discovery Lab is an ICAI lab, funded by Elsevier, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam and the University of Amsterdam. The lab studies technology, infrastructure and methods to develop intelligent services for researchers, focusing on finding and interpreting scientific literature, to formulate hypotheses, and to interpret data. The lab operates at the crossroads of Knowledge Representation, Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing. We are advancing the ability to construct, use and study large-scale research knowledge graphs that integrate knowledge across heterogeneous scientific content and data. This will allow for a deeper, richer use of content and data across a larger span of domains than possible thus far, and enables us to grow the knowledge graph faster and more reliably, and provide better recommendations, more contextual question answering, more successful query construction, and the automatic generation of hypotheses. In other words: to drive scientific discovery using machine intelligence.

Centre for Financial Innovation is a lab of the Faculty of Business and Economics of the AUAS. The lab focuses on the optimal application and adoption of AI in the professional field of Finance & Accounting. For example, Artificial Intelligence technology can help to improve digital fraud detection.

IBM Lab is a joint mission of the VU, UvA and IBM Netherlands. Through the Watson innovation course, students have a unique opportunity to learn about IBM Watson, cognitive computing and the meaning of such artificial intelligence systems in a real world and big data context. Students from Computer Science and Economics faculties will join their complementary efforts and creativity in cross-disciplinary teams to explore the business and innovation potential of such technologies.

Legal Tech Lab is a lab of the Faculty of Applied Social Sciences and Law of the AUAS. In the Legal Tech Lab (LTL), education and research work on issues at the interface between technology and law, together with twelve partner organisations in the legal practice sector. Artificial Intelligence is used to support legal processes, such as providing advice and concluding contracts, or in the context of legal investigations, such as in the handling of requests under the Public Access to Government Information Act (Wet openbaarheid van bestuur, WOB) or due diligence investigations.

Microsoft Research Lab is a joint mission of the Machine Learning Lab at UvA (AMLAB) and Microsoft Research Lab in Cambridge. The partnership aims to foster new research talent through a symbiotic relationship that will address skill shortages in industry and at the same time preserving and nurturing the knowledge pool within academia. Through the partnership, Microsoft will provide the UvA’s graduate students with opportunities for work placements and internships on unsupervised deep learning and links to causality in machine learning. The partnership takes a new approach to educating the next generation of machine learning talent by encouraging a balance between researchers moving into industry and those continuing in academia.

Police Lab is a joint mission of Amsterdam Data Science and the Police. ADS researchers are helping the Police to get more information from seized mobiles and computers. Using new computer technologies, millions of photos, messages, location data and videos are being scanned quickly, to look for relationships which are not quickly evident with the naked eye.

QUVA Lab is a joint mission of UvA (IvI) and Qualcomm Technologies focussed on deep learning and computer vision. The mission is to perform world-class research on deep vision. Specifically, to automatically interpret using deep learning what happens where, when and why in images and video. Research projects in the lab focus on learning to recognise objects in images from a single example, personalised event detection and summarisation in video, and privacy preserving deep learning.

Responsible AI Lab is a lab of the Faculty of Digital Media and Creative Industries of the AUAS. The Responsible AI Lab studies AI technology and engages in dialogue about it. The lab makes Artificial Intelligence accessible to everyone: inclusive and diverse. It focuses specifically on the public sector and the creative industry.

SAP Lab is a joint mission of UvA (IvI and Institute for Logic, Language and Computation [ILLC]) and SAP. Research in SAP Lab focusses on developing machine learning methods combined with natural language processing methods to analyse large networks. Applications range from knowledge graphs, citation networks, social networks and recommendation systems.

Smart Asset Management Lab is a lab of the Faculty of Technology of the AUAS. The Smart Asset Management Lab focuses on issues that occur in companies which concern the entire chain of the machine.

Smart Education Lab is a lab of the Faculty of Education of the AUAS. With Smart Education, the Faculty of Education is building expertise with regard to learning and teaching with Artificial Intelligence. The Faculty of Education aims to make an active, leading contribution to the development and embedding of evidence-informed, digital educational tools (EdTech) for the professional field and its own higher education. Smart Education stimulates the training of digitally competent lecturers with up-to-date knowledge of digital didactics and educational innovations with Artificial Intelligence.

VIVAT Lab is a joint mission of UvA (Faculty of Economics & Business & Informatics Institute) and VIVAT. The Lab focusses on research in advanced analytics and Insurtech.