AI Tech Week (3 Afternoons)

The purpose of AI Tech Week is to offer a stage to the Data Science and AI ecosystem in Amsterdam. The content invites collaboration between academic, societal and industry-oriented organisations spread out over 3 themes. The aim of this is to facilitate cross-sector, multi-disciplinary networking and knowledge sharing.


The AI Tech Week will cover 3 days (afternoons). Each day has its own theme and moderator and will speak to a different sector.

  • Day 1 (16.00-17.00): Business, Finance and AI(Tuesday, 7th of March 2023)
  • Day 2 (16.00-17.00): Health and AI (Wednesday, 8th of March 2023)
  • Day 3 (16:00-17.00): Public and AI (Thursday, 9th of March 2023)

Programme: TBA

Speakers: TBA