Symposium and Inaugural Lecture: Peter Bosman


06 September 2019



Peter Bosman, senior researcher at CWI and full professor at TU Delft will be giving his inaugural lecture at the Aula of the Delft University of Technology.

This lecture is preceded by a symposium on Evolutionary Algorithms, which encompasses evolutionary optimization and evolutionary AI. The symposium will feature the work of world-leading researchers who are active at the frontiers of the design, development, analysis, and application of evolutionary algorithms.

The symposium and the inaugural lecture are free to attend but please register though this link.

Programme: Symposium

08:15-08:55Registration with coffee & tea
08:55-09:00Tanja Alderliesten (Amsterdam UMC, The Netherlands)
Opening and Welcome
09:00-09:25Marcus Gallagher (University of Queensland, Australia)
The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Probabilistic Modelling and Benchmarking in Continuous Black-Box Optimization
09:25-09:50Risto Miikkulainen (University of Texas at Austin, USA)
Creative AI through Evolutionary Computation
09:50-10:15Mengjie Zhang (Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand)
Evolutionary Machine Learning: Research, Applications and Challenges
10:15-10:40Nikolaus Hansen (INRIA, France)
How to Evolve Gradient Descent into Evolution Strategies and CMA-ES
10:40-11:10Break with coffee & tea
11:10-11:35Lukas Stalpers (Amsterdam UMC, The Netherlands)
Bradley Pieters (Amsterdam UMC, The Netherlands)
Yury Niatsetski (Elekta Brachytherapy, Veenendaal, The Netherlands)
Mathemedics: A Matrix of Sutures and Intrapolations
11:35-12:00Krzysztof Krawiec (Poznan University of Technology, Poland)
Genetic Programming: Close Encounters of Evolutionary Computation with Program Synthesis
12:00-12:25Marc Schoenauer (INRIA, France)
Evolutionary Identification of Influencers on Social Networks
(joint work with Michèle Sebag)
12:25-12:50Una-May O’Reilly (MIT CSAIL, USA)
Artificial Adversarial Intelligence: What Star Wars Teaches us about Adversarial Dynamics
12:50-13:15Dirk Thierens (Utrecht University, The Netherlands)
Structure Learning in Genetic Algorithms: Why and How?
13:15-14:30Lunch (& move to Aula)

Programme: Inaugural Lecture

14:30-15:00Doors to Aula open
15:00-16:00Peter A.N. Bosman (CWI & TU Delft, The Netherlands)
Model-based Scalable Evolutionary Intelligence —
From Algorithmic Foundations to Innovative Applications
16:00-18:00Reception with snacks & drinks