ADS & SABA Webinar | A-Z in Data Science: Computer Vision

Amsterdam Data Science (ADS) is hosting a new webinar series in collaboration with the Study Associations from the UvA and VU to explore the A-Z in Data Science.


21 October 2020 - 12:00 -13:00
ADS Event


In this webinar we will be exploring Computer Vision, the process of recording and playing back light fragments, when computer and/or machine has sight.


12:00 Introduction & Welcome
12:05 Talk #1: Adversarial Attacks and Autonomous Cars
12:20 Q&A
12:30 Talk #2
12:50 Q&A
13:00 End!


Talk #1 by Benedikt Fuchs

Benedikt Fuchs studied visual computing at the TU Vienna. He’s been working as a Data Scientist at Cloudfight for the past 3 years. He has designed various NLP solutions for real world applications and keeps a radar on various emerging technologies.

Title: What are adversarial attacks and what challenges do they provide to autonomous cars?

While adversarial attacks have not found any real-live uses so far, it has enormous potential to be harmful. One of these potential dangers is the deception of autonomous cars. Benedikt Fuchs will explain how these attacks work and what the consequences of these attacks are.

Talk #2 by TBD

Zoom details to follow soon.