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AI Technology for People

Amsterdam Data Science (ADS) has created a tremendous network in which academia, companies, and the municipality come together in meetups and other events. Furthermore, its newsletter reports news from the community, and ADS seed projects encourage collaboration between research and companies. These are powerful means to build an ecosystem around data science, a field in […]

Artificial intelligence - Collaboration - Ecosystem
08 May 2020 - by Marcel Worring

The Data Studio: Innovating How We Learn and Teach Data Science and AI

The Data Studio, funded by a KNAW Comenius Senior Fellow grant, at the Amsterdam University of Applied Science is innovating education programmes for data scientists. We see this innovation as a key element in meeting the needs of students in the fields of Data Science and AI. The Data Studio Co-creation is the foundation of […]

Artificial intelligence in education - Innovation
16 Apr 2020 - by Nanda Piersma

The Role of Corporates in AI Ecosystems

Perhaps the most important role of international corporations in a regional ecosystem is to attract and retain talent. A number of my top PhD students and postdocs have decided to stay in Amsterdam because of the presence of the international giants, working at, for instance, Google Brain or Qualcomm AI Research. The presence of these […]

Artificial intelligence - Ecosystem
08 Apr 2020 - by Max Welling

The Quest for Hybrid Intelligence

These are just two of the predictions of the type that have flooded the media over the past five years. Besides many (if not all) of them being wildly overoptimistic, they also reveal a hidden (and sometimes not so hidden) assumption underlying much mainstream work in current AI: artificially intelligent machines were going to replace […]

Artificial intelligence - Explainable AI - Hybrid Intelligence
03 Apr 2020 - by Frank van Harmelen