SURFsara: ADS knowledge institutes are supported by the SURFsara integrated ICT research infrastructure

SURFsara offers a complete package of services in the field of High Performance Computing (HPC), Data Services, Visualisation and CloudServices. More information available here

Below is a brief summary of some of the SURFsara services that the Amsterdam Data Science knowledge institutes benefit from:

– HPC Cloud

HPC Cloud offers complete control over your computing infrastructure. The infrastructure ranges from a single work station to a complete cluster and can be expanded to suit your needs. You can use your own operating system and analysis software. HPC Cloud is housed in SURF’s own data centre.  More information available here

– SURFdrive (data storage)

A personal cloud storage service offering an easy way to store (100 GB free), synchronise and share files in the secure and reliable SURF community cloud. More information available here

– Big Data Services

Researchers who need to analyse large amounts of (un)structured data can make use of the SURFsara Big Data services. Severallarge public data sets and multiple frameworks, such as Apache Spark, Hive, Pig and HBase provide easy to use environments for Big Data analysis. More information available here

More user information available here on SURFsara systems for researchers. Specifically for users of the SURFsara’s systems: Cartesius (gives access to many compute nodes, GPUs are available), Lisa (gives access to many compute nodes, no GPUs), Mona, Grid, HPC Cloud (get your own virtual machine, GPUs are available), Hadoop, BeeHub, the Data Ingest Service and the ELvis remote visualization cluster.