In 2015, the UvA and VU Executive Boards awarded 3M€ funding for Data Science from the Amsterdam Academic Alliance (AAA) to the UvA and VU science faculties

The committee agreed that the application ‘Sets out a positive and vital initiative that will build on existing UvA-VU collaborations and forge the necessary connections between various disciplines that are each studying the emerging phenomenon of large datasets from their own perspectives’.


AAA is a joint initiative of the UvA and VU, aimed at intensifying collaboration with each other and with other knowledge institutions in the region. The objective is to cement Amsterdam’s position as a major international player and hub of academic excellence. AAA is led by Maarten de Rijke and Frank van Harmelen, has 16 dedicated postdocs and PhD students and, since starting, has secured an additional 1.5M€ in external funding. The postdocs/PhD’s are supervised jointly by project leaders from UvA and VU demonstrating the close relationship established between the two universities.


AAA brings together over 35 tenured from five Amsterdam academic institutions: UvA; VU; CWI; HvA; VUmcAt the UvA and VU alone, 11 departments are involved: UvA: Informatics, Business, Communications, Humanities and Life Sciences; VU: Computer Science, Bioinformatics, Mathematics, Medicinal Chemistry, Economics and Business and Humanities. Additionally, there are two industry partners: ORTEC and Philips

Our Projects

Business Analytics

  1. Brand Centrality, Emotions and Virality in Social Media  – Postdoc: Masoud Mazloom
  2. Cross-Channel Multiple-Device Conversion Attribution  – PhD: Qingchen Wang
  3. Data-Driven Decision Support in Complex Market Environments – Postdoc: Martijn van Otterlo
  4. Innovation and Data Science: Generating knowledge on the success factors of mobile apps – PhD: Rens Dimmendaal 

Digital Humanities

  1. QuPiD2: Quality and perspectives in deep data: Representation of data perspectives – Postdoc: Serge ter Braake
  2. Reasoning on information quality signals – Postdoc: Davide Ceolin
  3. QuPiD2: Quality and perspectives in deep data: From text to deep data – PhD: Chantal van Son


  1. Citizen Data Science – Postdoc: Julia Kiseleva
  2. From Data to Semantics and Back Again – PhD: Benno Kruit
  3. The structure of knowledge – Postdoc: Peter Bloem
  4. Data-driven lifestyle support through smart devices – Postdoc: Bart A. Kamphorst

Life Sciences

  1. Explaining Disease using Big Data: How Valid is your Pathway – Postdoc: Ted Meeds
  2. Integration of Phenotypic Drug Efficacy and Molecular Chemogenomics Data – PhD: George Kanev – Publications: KLIFS: a structural kinase-ligand interaction database. Nucleic Acids Res 2016.
  3. Network-Based Data Integration – Postdocs: Frans van der Kloet / Dicle Hasdemir

Social Sciences

  1. Bias and Engagement in Political Social Media – Postdoc: Bob van de Velde


  1. Project Management – Postdoc: Eva Kenny