We collaborate in a number of labs including:

DELTA Lab is a joint mission of UvA (Informatics Institute [IvI]) and Bosch. The DELTA Lab (Deep Learning Technologies Amsterdam) aims to perform world-class research in the fundamentals of deep learning, with applications to automotive and computer vision. Researchers at UvA collaborate with researchers at Bosch through an exchange programme.

Police Lab is a joint mission of Amsterdam Data Science and the Police. ADS researchers are helping the Police to get more information from seized mobiles and computers. Using new computer technologies, millions of photos, messages, location data and videos are being scanned quickly, to look for relationships which are not quickly evident with the naked eye.

QUVA Lab is a joint mission of UvA (IvI) and Qualcomm Technologies focussed on deep learning and computer vision. The mission is to perform world-class research on deep vision. Specifically, to automatically interpret using deep learning what happens where, when and why in images and video. Research projects in the lab focus on learning to recognise objects in images from a single example, personalised event detection and summarisation in video, and privacy preserving deep learning.

SAP Lab is a joint mission of UvA (IvI and Institute for Logic, Language and Computation [ILLC]) and SAP. Research in SAP Lab focusses on developing machine learning methods combined with natural language processing methods to analyse large networks. Applications range from knowledge graphs, citation networks, social networks and recommendation systems.